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Merkel to meet British PM Johnson

Merkel will meet Johnson next week in France to reject his bid to renegotiate the Brexit deal. www.ensonhaber.com

EU ministers to gather to discuss rescued migrants

Foreign ministers and interior ministers from around 15 EU member states are participating in Monday’s informal talks hosted by France. www.ensonhaber.com

Emre Mor transferine veto

Adı Galatasaray ile anılan Emre Mor için France Footbal'dan sürpriz bir iddia geldi. Yapılan habere göre, Milli futbolcunun Marsilya'ya önerildiği ancak Marsilya'nın Sportif Direktörü Andoni Zubizarreta'nın bu transfere onay vermediği belirtildi. www.turktime.com

UK, Germany, France fear over Iran nuclear deal

UK, France and Germany say they fear the Iran nuclear deal is at risk of collapsing after the US pulled out of the agreement. www.ensonhaber.com

Air France biyometrik biniş test edecek

Air France, ABD'deki iki havaalanında daha biyometrik biniş denemeleri yapacağını duyurdu. airnewstimes.com

French senate passes tax on US tech giants

France approved a digital services tax despite threats of retaliation by the US. www.ensonhaber.com

Macron eyes to conquer big cities in general elections

After dynamiting France’s mainstream parties, French's Emmanuel Macron is turning his mind to re-election and the need to make inroads in the last bastion of the old establishment: 35,000 town halls www.ensonhaber.com

Hundereds protest violence against women in France

Women’s advocacy groups in France have grown more vocal in recent days demanding the government stick to its gender equality promise and act decisively against domestic violence. www.ensonhaber.com

EU leaders fail to agree over top job

The EU summit on top job ended without an agreement. Leaders will have meet again on Tuesday after several countries refused to back France and Germany’s choice. www.ensonhaber.com

Yellow Vests protesters take to the streets (2)

Yellow Vest protestors on Saturday took to the streets across France, marking the 33st consecutive week of mass demonstrations against President Emmanuel Macron. www.ensonhaber.com

Worst of economic impact is not fully come in France(2)

Macron unveiled more than 10 billion euros in concessions in December to protesters, blowing out France’s budget deficit. www.ensonhaber.com

Spain to cooperate with France, Germany on fighter jet project(2)

Spain, France and Germany inked a framework agreement for the joint construction of Europe’s largest arms project to date, the so-called Future Air Combat System. www.ensonhaber.com

Turkish FM condemns France's cooperation with PKK/YPG(2)

Turkey disapproves of France's close cooperation with the PKK and its Syrian affiliate YPG, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said. www.ensonhaber.com

France's Le Pen to go on trial over tweets on Daesh images(2)

Le Pen shared the gruesome images in December 2015, a few weeks after Daesh terrorists killed 130 people in attacks in Paris. www.ensonhaber.com

Putin was not invited to the Normandy summit(2)

Western leaders have gathered in Normandy have paid homage to veterans and those who died during the World War II landing of Allied forces in northern France on the 75th anniversary of the D-Day. www.ensonhaber.com

Macron: We share common objective with US on Iran(2)

France and the US share the common objective of preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear arms and new international negotiations need to be opened for that goal to be met, President Emmanuel Macron said. www.ensonhaber.com

France arrests 5 over Lyon bomb attack(2)

Paris prosecutor's office has arrested 5 people after a suspected parcel bomb exploded in Lyon last week, injuring 13 people. www.ensonhaber.com

Le Pen’s far-right party win the most votes in France’s election(2)

Marine Le Pen’s far-right Rassemblement National secures 22-24 seats in European Parliament, beating Macron’s ruling LREM party. www.ensonhaber.com

Bomb attack injured 13 civilians in France(2)

French police have made an appeal for information in their hunt for a man suspected of planting a parcel bomb in France, which injured 13 civilians. www.ensonhaber.com

France to work with Cyprus to expand naval base(2)

Cyprus’ defense minister stated that France is assisting Cypriot authorities in upgrading a naval port on the east Mediterranean island’s southern coast to allow it to receive large warships. www.ensonhaber.com

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